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If you were a beaver, you couldn’t hope for a happier home than Seattle. The Emerald City is graced with gentle creeks, ample timber, a moderate climate, and, the occasional coyote notwithstanding, few carnivores. Beavers throughout Washington State are relatively […]

In Praise of Urban Beavers

Can you be fraends with a wild animal? I use a weird spelling of the word “friend” because the “friendship” my eleven-year-old daughter has with the wild crows in our Alexandria, Virginia, neighborhood differs from friendship, but it is close […]

Between Human and Crow

Almost five years ago, I stood on a boardwalk in Magee Marsh with my family, surrounded by hundreds of birds and birdwatchers. Someone pointed out a Great Crested Flycatcher in the top of a nearby tree, golden breast feathers flashing […]

The Fool's Journey