I think I’ve solved a mystery. Or at least identified the victim in a mystery. One morning a few years ago, I walked into the kitchen and, as usual, met all the dishes I had not washed the night before. […]

Along Came a Spider

“Some landscapes tower and impose; ours deepens.” ~ Michael Godfrey, Field Guide to the Piedmont    On a quiet late winter morning, I perch on a rocky outcrop in the woods of central North Carolina.  My wife works in academia and […]

Rootless: Bryology as a Cure for ...

  In the midst of widespread pollution and the ill effects of climate change, we tend to lose sight of another factor that threatens the vitality of our oceanic ecosystem: overfishing. Troubled Waters examines the long-term economic and environmental ramifications… […]

Troubled Waters

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Twente in the Netherlands is looking for an Assistant professor in Environmental Ethics / Applied Ethics (full-time, two years followed by permanent position upon good performance) with a (future) research interest in […]

Assistant professor in Environmental Ethics / ...

Around 9:30 pm after the last snow before the New Year, my dog almost jumped through the window. My family wondered what riled him. Probably coyotes, I said. My sister tiptoed to the window and confirmed I was right. We […]

Consider the Coywolf

Up to my hips in snowdrifts, I braved the Chicago wind chill at the 31st Street Marina when the last snowy owl invasion happened years ago. A warm Arctic summer means more lemmings, which means more food for owls, which […]

Looking for Owls