When you look at a pond, you might see the pond, or you might see the sky reflected in the pond. When you look at an insect, you might see astonishing beauty, machine-like precision, and superhuman strength, or you might […]

Funeral for a Stick Bug

 “What is it that follows along the gorge, going clapping its hands? The butterfly.” ~Aztec riddle (from Daily Life of the Aztecs)  I perch on a set of stone steps, inhaling brisk morning air. Behind me: North Park Village Nature Center, […]

Divining the Sky

Description The Environmental Studies Program at The College of Wooster seeks a one-year visiting assistant professor in environmental humanities, to begin August 2019. Position provides opportunity to be part of a growing interdisciplinary undergraduate program as it establishes itself as […]

VAP in Environmental Humanities

Glyphosate, more commonly known as Roundup®, is the most widely used herbicide on the planet. It's also the central cash cow for the agrochemical giant Monsanto. Undeniably effective in controlling the growth of crop-destroying weeds, the chemical is also the […]

The Monsanto Papers

International Society for Environmental Ethics 2019 Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association January 7-10, 2019, New York NY   Session 1 January 8 (tentative) Subject: Future Generations and Justice Chair: TBD   Speaker: Alex Richardson (University of Tennessee, […]

APA Eastern ISEE Program

The cicada shell; it sang itself entirely away ~master haiku writer, Basho (1644 – 1694) The last of the late summer cicadas’ shells cling to the crepe myrtle tree in the front yard of our townhouse in our new town […]

Cicada Song