There are 7.4 billion people on the planet, and all of them need to be fed. What’s the most efficient and sustainable method for accomplishing this? Traditional farming strategies have monopolized our natural resources, and often prove wasteful and… […]

The Rise of Vertical Farming

Anytime I’m in St. Louis, my hometown, a visit to the historic Lafayette Square neighborhood is high on my to-do list. While I lived there for a few years, my wire fox terrier, Dash, and I would travel twice each […]

Hat Trick

“Well, that museum is great for kids, but have you checked out the little baby ducks in the Botany Pond yet?” While researching Chicago neighborhoods to create a children’s book of maps, I received this well-meaning advice but chalked it […]

Animal Neighbors

Ed. note: They say the veil is thin between the living and the dead on All Hallows’ Eve. What better place than an urban cemetary to reflect on this opaque boundary? As resting places for the dearly departed and tributes […]

Hungry Ghosts and Holy Prairie

Call for Papers The Northwestern University Society for the Theory of Ethics and Politics (NUSTEP) will be holding its 12th annual conference at Northwestern University on March 8–March 10, 2018. The conference will feature keynote addresses by Niko Kolodny (Berkeley) and […]

CFP: The Northwestern University Society for ...

My father loves to golf. I don’t. When I’m visiting home, I will occasionally play. Dad and I catch up, and I watch the turkey vultures ride the thermals that rise off the chaparral hillsides above my childhood neighborhood. On […]

A Coyote Drank My Latte: Encounters ...