My entire life is one giant spider web. Nearly four decades of experiences of intertwined threads spiral around a core that, until very recently, I couldn’t see. I didn’t even know it was there. I spent years wandering the web’s […]

Web of Possibility

It was a cloudy October day as I drove down backcountry roads, reminiscing about a time when this drive was once quiet and peaceful. With the windows down, I could hear the sounds of nature as the trees greeted me. […]

You Can Be My Wingman

Can you tell us about your project about the Fox River? For the last two and a half years, I’ve been working with the Conservation Foundation on a project called “Art of the Fox.” I’m painting Illinois landscapes of the Fox River […]

The Life of a River: An ...

She’d had an emergency on Tuesday, a recurring complication of an old surgery in her right eye. Her left eye is blind, the result of a years-ago case of shingles, diagnosed too late, so any sudden problem in her right […]


With spring, this city boy’s life orbits back towards its perihelion with nature. Disintermediated greenery awaits just out my door again, no camping trips necessary. Time to walk the parks and explore a nearby riparian reserve, time to contemplate gnarled […]

Confessions of an Urban Forager

In a small clearing on the bank of the river, under a stand of alders just beginning to bud, the people gather. They form a circle around a thin wisp of smoke rising from the center. Using only a traditional […]

Finding Resilience in Nature: A Reflection ...