Around 9:30 pm after the last snow before the New Year, my dog almost jumped through the window. My family wondered what riled him. Probably coyotes, I said. My sister tiptoed to the window and confirmed I was right. We […]

Consider the Coywolf

Up to my hips in snowdrifts, I braved the Chicago wind chill at the 31st Street Marina when the last snowy owl invasion happened years ago. A warm Arctic summer means more lemmings, which means more food for owls, which […]

Looking for Owls

  The Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands – a remote location nestled deep within the vast Pacific Ocean between Australia and Hawaii – is a picturesque paradise in many respects. Adorned by clear pale blue waters, breathtaking skies and… […]

The Dome

The pond I built in my backyard enjoyed a good run. Fifteen years. But in the end, the raccoons won. The pond is no more. So it is with nature in the big city. The grief is almost gone. But […]

Eden Lost

CALL FOR PAPERS   Fifteenth Annual Meeting on Environmental Philosophy “Environmental Justice and Extreme Environments”  Conference Dates: June 27-30 2018 The International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) will hold its Fifteenth Annual Meeting on Environmental Philosophy, June 27-30, 2018, in Anchorage, Alaska. […]

CFP: Fifteenth Annual Meeting ISEE on ...

I didn’t know what the woods had in store for me when I set out that day. I only knew that I’d been cooped up too long and I was feeling a bit of cabin fever. Not the kind you […]

The Eyes of an Owl