The first time I saw Big Blue, I stopped in my tracks. It was a muggy summer morning, not even seven yet, and the air was thick with the smell of flowering mimosa trees. My husband and I had just […]

Below the Surface

Despite their ability to tolerate people, deer don’t live on lawns, foxes don’t limit their activities to little-used portions of backyards, and raccoons and opossums don’t hang out on the front porches of our houses. Many of these animals spend […]

The Under Story

The town of Paradise, California was aptly named. Beautiful, serene, and shrouded in the shelter of comforting trees, the town felt like the epitome of ideal California living. That was before the fire that decimated much of the town and […]

Fire in Paradise

In 1912, the botanist J.C. Shenstone published one of the first scholarly works on urban biota, a listing and description of plants colonizing London building sites. Shenstone wanted to understand how seeds from plants common elsewhere came to be distributed on […]


The race in question is the one we must take to avoid future climate catastrophe. Subtitled Secrets and Solutions, The Race is On paints a stark portrait of the current state of global warming, but offers notes of hopeful idealism […]

The Race is On

Open Level Faculty Position – Environmental Ethics The Environmental Studies Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara invites applications for a tenured or tenure-track faculty position at the level of Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor, with an anticipated start […]

UCBS: Open Level Faculty Position – ...