Many years ago, an open house held by one of our Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals facilities was promoted by the local press with the headline: “Cats, Rats and Bats All Receive the Best Care at […]

Subterranean Wildlife Blues

Plastic pollution is suffocating our oceans, and leading to the destruction of multiple species of fish. One of the largest producers of plastic bottles – Coca-Cola – has promised to take steps to curb this environmental crisis. Are these empty […]

Plastic Tide: Choking on Coke

There’s always more to nature than meets the eye. Scurrying to the neighborhood caffeine dispensary, we might admire a sidewalk border of fleecy lamb’s ear, assuming we’re not looking at our smartphone, but fail to realize we’re passing an entire […]

What Lies Beneath

Few cities in the United States are as thoroughly and deeply connected to lush wild spaces as Chicago. While the city is endowed with an unrivalled forest preserve system, industry and topography have also served to maintain Chicago’s deep connection […]

Elegy: Wolf 949M

Some of you already know birders have this tradition called the Big Year. People using planes, trains, and automobiles so they can go climbing, hiking, scoping, and sweating through lands far, far away to rack up credits for sighting the […]

Shout Out to the Birds of ...

Thom Heyd, long-time member of ISEE and co-representative of ISEE in Canada, has organised a Colloquium to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Alexander von Humboldt. The aim of the event is to open a discussion on the importance of Humboldt’s integrative […]

Colloquium to celebrate the 250th anniversary of ...