Adapting Environmental Ethics to Rapid, Anthropogenic, and Global Ecological Change H.J. Andrews Forest Research Station Blue River, Oregon  JULY 10-13, 2019  Global biophysical systems have remined relatively stable across twelve thousand years of the Holocene Epoch, providing background climatic and […]

International Society for Environmental Ethics 2019 ...

The global desire for animal meat is an insatiable one. Over 50 billion animals are killed each year to meet these demands. Beyond the obvious cruelties indicated by that statistic, the process also raises concerns for food safety, represents a […]

In-Vitro Meat

Dear colleagues, Please consider proposing to share your work in environmental philosophy at our IAEP session at the Eastern Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association in Philadelphia, PA from January 8-11, 2020. Proposals should be sent to The […]

IAEP at APA-Eastern CFP

Thunk! The sound of a songbird hitting a window sends us running outside. At my side is a nine-year-old girl named Hazel who loves to draw birds. The Dark-eyed Junco lies motionless with eyes open, tiny feet in the air. How […]

Junco Rescue

The booming recycling industry is paved with good intentions. Unfortunately, this same industry has also paved our international shores with mountainous heaps of discarded trash. Produced by Sky News, Dirty Business examines the journey our recyclables take after they're picked […]

Dirty Business

As a member of ISEE, you may be glad to discover that a new succinct, illustrated and inexpensive book has been published by Oxford University Press, entitled ‘Environmental Ethics: A Very Short Introduction’. The sterling price of this book (published […]